Cheese Markets

Visit one of the cheese markets near Amsterdam. Dutch cheeses have been traded at these cheese markets for hundreds of years. Experience this Dutch tradition.

Cheese Markets near Amsterdam

The tradition of the cheese markets goes back to the early 1600s. At that time, most Dutch cheeses were inspected and traded at cheese markets. Many towns and villages therefore had a cheese market. Nowadays, most cheeses are no longer inspected and traded at cheese markets. However, cheese markets are still regularly organised around Amsterdam.

Cheese Market Edam

Cheese market edam Amsterdam holland
Cheese market edam Amsterdam holland

The Dutch cheese village Edam is, of course, famous for its edam cheese and therefore has a long tradition of cheese markets. During the summer months, a cheese market is organised on Wednesday mornings. The cheese market starts at 10.30 am and lasts until 12.30 pm. This cheese market is easy to visit by car and by public transport from Amsterdam. There is also a special bus tour from Amsterdam to the Cheese Market in Edam.

Cheese Market Alkmaar

Alkmaar Cheese Market
Alkmaar Cheese Market near Amsterdam

The town of Alkmaar lies a little further from Amsterdam than the village of Edam, but Alkmaar also has a long tradition of cheese markets. The first cheese market in Alkmaar was held as early as 1612 and cheese markets are still held on Friday mornings in the cheese city of Holland. The cheese markets are organised from the end of March to the end of September. A special bus tour to the cheese market in Alkmaar leaves from Amsterdam every Friday morning.

Cheese Market Gouda

Gouda Cheese Market
Gouda Cheese Market

Gouda cheese is the best known cheese in Holland. For centuries, Gouda cheese has been traded every Thursday at the Market in Gouda. And just like in the old days, farmers and cheese traders make a price by handjeklap (a handshake). Every Thursday from 10:00 to 12:30 (except on Ascension Day), the Market still hosts this traditional Cheese Market.

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