Hotels in the countryside of Holland

Would you like to enjoy the Dutch flowers, windmills, cheeses and beach? But don’t you want a hotel in The Dutch countryside is easy to visit from the city centre of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. But more and more people choose to book a hotel in the countryside and discover Holland from there. A stay in the countryside ensures that you can really relax and enjoy the Dutch flowers, windmills, cheese farms and beaches even more. Below we have compiled a list of ten great hotels in the Dutch countryside.

Hotels in the countryside south of Amsterdam (Bollenstreek)

The Bollenstreek region is centrally located between many old Dutch cities. Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam. The Bollenstreek is world famous for its flowers. The most famous flower is the tulip. Every spring, the tulip fields form a unique landscape where nature shows itself from its most colourful side.

Attractions in this area: Keukenhof Park, flower fields, Dutch beaches, Amsterdam Lakes and much more.

Hotels in the countryside north of Amsterdam (Zaanstreek, Volendam)

The Zaanstreek lies just north of Amsterdam and is known for the old Dutch village Zaanse Schans and the river Zaan.

  • Van der Valk Volendam

Hotels in the countryside east of Amsterdam (Flevoland)

Hotels near de lake area

Hotels near Volendam

Hotels near Keukenhof

Hotels near FloriWorld